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Koach by KNOD: A Cutting-Edge Approach to Soccer Club Management!


Koach Hub – A Singapore-based SportsTech company, founded in 2021 is dedicated to democratising technology within grassroots and youth development soccer. The company has expanded globally including the USA, to serve clients worldwide.

At its core, Koach is all about developing not just players, but entire communities. Since launching, Koach Hub has made a significant impact on the lives of countless soccer clubs around the world and its paid proof of concept is currently being used by 20 clubs in 10 countries. By leveraging the latest in digital technology, Koach is able to provide players and coaches with the game-changing tools they need to succeed both on and off the field.

Before Koach: The Traditional Approach to Soccer Club Management and Player Development

Soccer clubs face a host of challenges when it comes to managing their teams, from juggling schedules and tracking player progress to staying in touch with coaches, players, and parents. In the past, this process often involved multiple apps, time-consuming paperwork and manual player evaluations leading to confusion and inefficiency.

The reliance on multiple spreadsheets, emails, and many WhatsApp groups made communication and collaboration a cumbersome process, often leading to miscommunication, missed deadlines, and a lack of accountability.

Tracking of the development of players over time was done on pen and paper and on emails, if done at all. Players and parents do not have access to this data and in rare cases would need to refer to past emails to view this progress and any reports provided by the club.

Enter Koach: A revolutionary player performance and team management app designed specifically for soccer clubs!

By offering a comprehensive platform for team and player management, scheduling, communication, and statistics tracking, Koach simplifies the management process and empowers coaches, players, and parents alike.

With Koach, soccer clubs can say goodbye to the chaos and disorganization of the past and embrace a streamlined, efficient approach to management. Gone are the days of messy paperwork and disjointed communication. Coaches can now focus on developing their players and teams, while players and parents stay informed and engaged through the app’s intuitive features and automatic reminders.

From team chats and last-minute alerts to scheduling and real-time game sharing and maintaining their players’ very own digital resume, Koach has everything a club needs to succeed and empowers coaches to make data driven decisions.

Players and parents now have access to the player’s passport which encapsulates all information such player performance and stats, medical history, and stats from 3rd party wearables.

The integration with third-party data tracking apps such as PlayerMaker has transformed the way data on player performance is tracked and managed, real-time giving them a 360 degree view of all performance related data.

Results After Koach: Increased Efficiency, Improved Communication and Driving Better results!

Since implementing Koach, soccer clubs have reported significant improvements in their operations. Coaches are able to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time coaching and developing their players.

Players and parents appreciate the convenience of having all team information in one place, as now there is no need for hunting through emails or scrambling to find the latest schedule updates – everything they need is right there in one convenient location.

Koach has enabled coaches to track and monitor player performance like never before. With the ability to rate and evaluate players in real-time, coaches are now able to provide targeted feedback and tailor their coaching to each individual player’s needs. This has led to a significant increase in player development and a corresponding improvement in on-field results.

With Koach, soccer clubs have increased their efficiency, improved communication, and ultimately, achieved better results on and off the field. Koach is the cutting-edge solution that is transforming the way soccer clubs approach management and player development. By providing a unique combination of features and functionality, Koach empowers soccer clubs to achieve their goals.
Don’t get left behind – join the Koach revolution today!


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