A versatile workflow application with a vast experience in Process Automation across domains.

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Banking & Finance



Real Estate

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Bridging gaps in enterprise systems

What pain pointsdo customers want resolved with a workflow application?

01. Data Silos and Duplication

02. Lack of Visibility and Transparency

03. Manual and Paper-Based Processes

04. Inefficient Communication and Collaboration

05. Complex and Costly IT Infrastructure

Effortless Grouping:

Tasks Streamlined

Mobile Chart

Efficient process management.
Work Simplified!

Comprehensive Visibility:

Unlocking Your Authorised Insights

All uploads are indexed and archived (including images)
Automatic Email reading and task creation
Built in document management system
Comprehensive Remote Working platform
Email / SMS alerts
All official documents are automated ( Templates )
Seamless Integration to Other Systems
Automatic Tracking of Billable hours (if applicable)
Effort in Action:

Saving You Time and Money!

200+ hours per day saved

across 70 staff in a leading tax advisory company, with 100% cost savings on paper archiving

USD 30,000+ saved

in each Campaign for Cross Selling in a Bank, including 99.9% time savings on CRIB validations.

Real-time floor activity dashboards

implemented across Multiple Branches in the World’s Largest Shipping Rate Management Company.

100% time savings

on shipping document creation in a leading freight forwarder. Zero manual documents

Automatic indexing

enabling 100% time savings on searching for historical data in client tax information in a leading tax advisory company

Effort in Action: Your Time and Money Optimized!
Seamless Work:

Anywhere, Anytime & Any Device

Universal Data Access: Device Flexibility Guaranteed

your data. Our priority.

Data Security First

  • 28-bit encryption applied to all sensitive data
  • 128-bit encrypted URLs for secure data access
  • 128-bit encrypted tokens for validating data fetch in JSON and XML formats
  • File structure completely hidden to prevent unauthorized access
  • Unauthorized access attempts recorded with IP addresses
  • Password policies and login policies implemented
  • Two-way validation for admin changes

Data security and encryption best practices.

Get the best of both worlds when you couple Xflo with Microsoft Azure.


Making Biz-Apps more powerful

  • Remote Communication for Teams: Elevating Collaboration from Anywhere
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams: Unifying Collaboration Tools

Integration with Slack: Streamlined Team Communication

Integration with Dropbox: Seamless File Syncing

SAP integrations for multiple modules and data processing.

Integration with Google Drive: Effortless File Sharing and Storage

Integration with XERO: Simplifying Financial Management

Integration with Microsoft OneDrive: Unified Cloud Storage Solution

Integration of Microsoft ML.NET: Empowering AI-Based Visualization Capabilities

Integrated to multiple points of the automation including bots for data entry in ERP systems

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